Curfew Extended; 7.5 Million Effectively Under House Arrest

They’ve declared another full-day curfew today, which is disastrous for most people, who need to work every day for income, and who therefore buy food on a day-to-day basis.  People are calling into television and radio stations saying they don’t have any food in their houses, and in some neighborhoods the water has been cut, too.  One woman just called in and said that her mom is diabetic and hasn’t had insulin in three days.  Even if these individuals decide to defy curfew, as many are doing, the stores and markets are closed.

Last night people went out in the streets of their neighborhoods in defiance of the curfew; in every working class or poor neighborhood people were out on the streets singing and chanting until well after we turned in.  Many of these neighborhood demonstrations were repressed by police with pepper gas and live ammunition.

Zelaya and his cabinet and some leaders of the resistance movement are still in the Brazilian embassy.  Since yesterday morning, the military has cordoned off a six-block radius around the embassy, and aren’t letting anyone in or out.  Yesterday some people from the human rights organization tried to go in to deliver food to the embassy, but they were turned back by the military.  People are also reporting that there’s a high-pitched screeching sound being emitted by some sort of military apparatus in that zone, as a kind of threat and psychological pressure.

The UN assembly is supposed to come to a declaration on the situation today.  Zelaya was supposed to address the assembly today originally, so they’re using that space to discuss the situation.  People are hoping this will force the US administration to take a stronger position, as Obama is supposed to address the assembly tomorrow.

Go to our “photos” page to see pictures of the abuse sustained by protesters yesterday.


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